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Google Google has launched an instant-messaging (IM) program that allows text chat and computer-to-computer voice connections, a move that highlights the search giant's increasing competition with Yahoo, Microsoft and America Online. You can download Google Talk here. Google also makes it very clear that you do not need Google Talk to use their service, and they provide detailed instructions on using other IM clients to connect to Google Talk. Update: Micheal Robertson announces partnership with Google to promote the use of open standards in VoIP/IM.
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RE[4]: Windoze only
by on Wed 24th Aug 2005 19:19 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Windoze only"

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The advantages of the de-centralized approach are that you are independent of a single company.
For 99% of IM users this doesn't matter one whit. There is no TECHNICAL advantage for them. Either 1 person runs the service for them or lots of people do, but to them, it doesn't matter.
Features like whiteboard, voice chat, file transfer, buddy avatars, etc. DO matter to the majority of IM users and Jabber either doesn't accomodate these things or does it poorly.
Also, Jabber servers only implement SOME of the spec and all the clients also implement different aspects of the spec, so in general only the lowest common denominator (text chat) is really viable with Jabber the same way it is with MSN or AIM or something.
For normal users, there's just no point in switching to Jabber for the most part and if you think otherwise you're either using Jabber for VERY specific stuff like XML-RPC calls or internal corporate chat servers... or you're just an "open standards > *" zealot.

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