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Novell and Ximian "The Free Software Foundation has published a third draft of the GPL3 license. The FSF had indicated leading up to this draft that it would be addressing some concerns it had with the Novell-Microsoft agreements in the draft. Here's Novell's position on the new draft."
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RE: Reading carefully,
by ubit on Tue 3rd Apr 2007 18:06 UTC in reply to "Reading carefully, "
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Considering this comment, it seems Novell, or at least this person, still doesn't get it and doesn't address the patent deal-- in violation of spirit of GPLv2 for reasons people have listed before--at all. What a suprise...not, because that's all Novell people have done since this deal was struck. The deal wouldn't have attracted hardly any ire if the patent deal wasn't struck. Apparently Microsoft 'snuck' it in at the last second.

Bruce Lowry says:

Hi Tim:

Trying to tarnish us with the SCO brush just doesn’t cut it, in my book. We’ve been battling SCO in court for years now, in defense of Linux and open source. You may not like the Microsoft agreement, but to suggest we’ve essentially turned our back on open source is just not true. We continue to be major contributors to a number of projects. On the GPL3 issue, we’ve made a blanket statement that we will continue to ship Linux and that nothing in the current draft inhibits our ability to do that. That reflects our overall interpretation of the draft. That is not the same as commenting on specific provisions of the draft. So I don’t believe we’re being duplicitious here.

We know there are critics of this deal. But people need to resist painting the deal as some surrogate for Novell abandoning open source. That simply is not the case. We did this deal to promote Linux adoption. Period. Thanks.

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