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Hardware, Embedded Systems In this article, I'm going to explore the idea that the 8 bit home computer not only had a great deal to offer the prehistoric early-humans of 1985 but that it may also have a place in the modern world; perhaps, there is something that we can learn from it. Having identified the laudable, worthwhile elements of this class of machine, I'm going to make some suggestions towards a scheme that would embody these characteristics in the form of a machine that would have a place within the modern world.
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RE: C64 can do more..
by alexandru_lz on Wed 18th Apr 2007 15:34 UTC in reply to "C64 can do more.."
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Indeed it can. In fact there are operating systems written for C64 which can do just about everything mentioned in the article.

The problem with the C64 is that it's not manufactured anymore afaik (though there is a diy guide floating around the net) and the fact that it's no longer supported [I don't mind that, but I do mind having to dig through e-bay to find a power supply].

There's a good point in the article, as in -- a lot of things could be done on an 8-bit CPU, only so much cheaper. I've seen the description of Palm OS in there, too, but an 8-bit laptop would come at a fraction of the price of a PDA. And think of the battery life, too.

I really meant it when I said I'd use such a thing. I never thought laptops would need to be some sort of a home cinema -- allowing me to edit text, check my e-mail and write dirty little hacks would be enough, and hell, I can already do that on a 386.

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RE[2]: C64 can do more..
by Kroc on Wed 18th Apr 2007 16:09 in reply to "RE: C64 can do more.."
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Those C64 DTV's (joysticks with built in C64), are a full C64, you can open it up and there are solder points to add a keyboard, disk drive and everything else. :3 It's a ready-to-hack box.

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RE[2]: C64 can do more..
by helf on Thu 19th Apr 2007 20:10 in reply to "RE: C64 can do more.."
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I do most of my work away from my main PC on a NEC Versa P/75 with 24mb of ram, 800x600 screen, running debian linux on a 850mb hdd ;)

who needs speed ;D

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