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BeOS & Derivatives Even more Haiku news today. Oliver Ruiz Dorantes, who will be monitoring GSoC student Salvatore Benedetto coming summer, has started work on what will become an office suite for Haiku. His blog already shows the first screenshots of the project. He is seeking for help on the project, so if you have the experience, feel free t help him out. Also, a new batch of icons has been added to Haiku.
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RE[5]: Why not
by lucky13 on Thu 19th Apr 2007 16:12 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Why not"
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IMHO Be, Inc. failed because it didn't push hard enough on being a prime choice for media development

They did. That didn't catch on. It wasn't a better mousetrap -- at least the market didn't think so.

I think comparing Be with Haiku doesn't work because Be's problem wasn't technology, but rather management decisions.

I think the two went hand-in-hand. You can't catch a wave of mass support without applications. As much as I respect the design and function of microkernel OSes like BeOS and even Minix, most people are never going to use them without applications that rival (or, IMO, exceed) what's already available.

I don't accept the argument about "standards" in filmmaking

Maybe you should try. If you can't build a better mousetrap, if you can't convince others you've built a better mousetrap, they're not going to use it. Not when they already have useful, functional, feature-rich mousetraps. Geeks will care about API, kernelspace, etc. Users will only care about what it can do for them, and if it does it better than what they've already time and training.

Haiku will be the source of inspiration...

People find inspiration in all kinds of crazy crap already. I don't think Haiku is a better mousetrap, so I can't share your lofty expectations.

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