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Gnome The GNOME Foundation announced today the GNOME Mobile and Embedded Initiative (GMAE) today at the Embedded Linux Conference in Santa Clara, Calif. The initiative is aimed at bolstering GNOME usage as an embedded and mobile development platform. The initiative has been in development since last year, says GNOME Foundation board member Jeff Waugh. The platform will be distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). In the next 12 months the group plans to add a mobile email framework called Tinymail, the GeoClue geolocation service, Java Mobile & Embedded (Java ME), PulseAudio audio management, and the HAL hardware information system.
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RE[2]: I am glad to hear this
by Cloudy on Thu 19th Apr 2007 23:15 UTC in reply to "RE: I am glad to hear this "
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For a simple embedded device, there's no reason to have more than 32MB RAM for the GNOME Mobile Platform, X and your application.

For a simple embedded device, there's no reason to have a gui.

The overwhelming majority of embedded devices don't have any UI. That's part of what "embedded" meant before the market-droids got their claws into the term.

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RE[3]: I am glad to hear this
by jdub on Thu 19th Apr 2007 23:22 in reply to "RE[2]: I am glad to hear this "
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Um, dude, given that this is a user experience platform, we're kind of assuming a requirement for a GUI... That's the entire point of the GNOME Mobile Platform. Sure, you're unlikely to need a GUI in your industrial refrigeration system... So you're not going to be looking in our direction anyway.

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Are you talking about "this", or "simple embedded device"? I was talking about simple embedded device.


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