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Apple "Colleagues at my former outlet, PC World magazine, have told me that Editor-in-Chief Harry McCracken quit abruptly today because the company's new CEO, Colin Crawford, tried to kill a story about Apple and Steve Jobs. The piece, a whimsical article titled 'Ten Things We Hate About Apple', was still in draft form when Crawford killed it. McCracken said no way and walked after Crawford refused to compromise. Apparently Crawford also told editors that product reviews in the magazine were too critical of vendors, especially ones who advertise in the magazine, and that they had to start being nicer to advertisers."
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RE: too bad..
by kaiwai on Sat 5th May 2007 04:59 UTC in reply to "too bad.."
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Even so, I understand their business, but at the same time, these businesses aren't going to stop giving 'free' hardware to these organisations as to avoid a bad review - they'll simply go out, purchase the hardware under the '7 day return policy', do a review then simply return it, or simply purchase it, and use it as a give away promotion.

Advertisers aren't going to leave because simply if the site gets the foot traffic, irrespective of their views on these matters, the advertisers will still come - there is something that is more valuable than ego, its money and audience.

Going offtopic of a wee bit, for me, I don't understand the loyalty that some people have to certain companies - its the equivilant of verilant nationalism and patrioticism. For me, I can say I like or prefer something over anothe product, but it doesn't mean I have some sort of undying loyalty to that particular company - as if I made some sort of blood oath.

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