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Windows Months go, I reviewed Windows Vista, and concluded: "All in all, I am impressed by Windows Vista [...]. Windows Vista is better than XP, and definitely more than just an improved look as many say." After 5 months of usage, it is time to put that statement into perspective.
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RE: Another Vista Bug?
by Hiev on Tue 8th May 2007 17:06 UTC in reply to "Another Vista Bug?"
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Because is saving energy, it is normal in Laptos.

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RE[2]: Another Vista Bug?
by em8chel on Tue 8th May 2007 17:16 in reply to "RE: Another Vista Bug?"
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The funny thing is, the salesperson says the model comes with an Intel Core2 Duo T5600 Processor, not T7200. Besides, I've switched back and forth between the "device manager" and "system" view several times, the former says it is a T7200 processor and the latter says it's a T5600. I don't think it has anything to do with the processor "switching speed" automatically to save energy...

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RE[3]: Another Vista Bug?
by n4cer on Wed 9th May 2007 02:58 in reply to "RE[2]: Another Vista Bug?"
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Intel probably just mapped the wrong string to the device display name for their CPU driver. The difference you see between device manager and the system properties dialog is that the string in device manager is the display name for the driver and can be anything, whereas the system properties dialog reports the actual CPUID string.

You can check the System Information app or type systeminfo at a command prompt for another way of getting the actual CPU details.

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