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OSNews, Generic OSes Parallels is just weeks away from releasing version 3.0 of its Mac virtualisation suite, beating VMWare to an offering with 3D GPU emulation built-in. Parallels says high-end Windows games will now be playable within a virtual machine There are some other features included too, like the ability to associate any file type in Mac OS X to open in a Windows app, and vice versa.
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RE: Crashable Junk
by roger64 on Sat 2nd Jun 2007 07:47 UTC in reply to "Crashable Junk"
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your experience of virtualization softaware is probably a bit outdated. I use VirtualBox on Linux, which is free, works reliably and is a perfect complement to my Linux.

It misses the possibility of running 3D games but you cannot describe him as "bugged" or "expensive".

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