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Mono Project The amount of effort required to get an existing Winforms app running on Mono can vary greatly. Although many small apps will run on Mono unmodified, many apps will require some work on the developer's part to run smoothly on Mono. This guide will attempt to port a non-trivial open source application to document several of the issues a developer may run into while porting their app to Mono.
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RE[6]: Porting?
by MightyPenguin on Tue 5th Jun 2007 03:25 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Porting?"
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Who says Mono has release all the same functionality 2 days after MS launches it?

Yeah with .Net 1.1 that was very true since all the foundation was being laid there, but with 2.0 it wasn't nearly as important. Many developers targeting windows used 1.1 a year or more after 2.0 came out.

I don't understand this infatuation I see over and over again with posts on here about "OMG the sky is falling cause you can't release the same features at the same time". Microsoft is not going to, and can't afford to, redesign all of .Net every two years just to mess up Mono. The base of code out there will stay largely the same with some additions here and there which are of smaller and smaller significance. Look at 3.0 it's a smaller amount of new code then 1.1 -> 2.0 and already Mono is getting support for it.

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