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Windows Microsoft is simplifying the processes via which its PC-maker partners will be able to provide 'downgrade' rights from Windows Vista to Windows XP for their customers. Microsoft will implement the first of the policy changes for its Gold Certified (top-tier) OEM partners within the next couple of weeks. The company will streamline downgrade-rights policies and procedures for the broader channel somewhat later, said John Ball, general manager of Microsoft's US Systems Group.
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soon a lot fewer IT guys would be needed to keep the company computers running.

So this switch may never happen, unless the IT guys could finally get around to do some real work, rather than the work imposed by the whims of MS's Vista-producing machine.

I remember the demise of VMS, which (used to be a beautiful OS, but) was hampered by 1. an excessive load on IT staff to keep up with upgrading alone; 2. excessive software maintenance contract (read: upgrade) costs.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? (Except that with VMS hardly any apps broke after new system upgrades)

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"soon a lot fewer IT guys would be needed to keep the company computers running. "

Except most of the internal apps a company uses would nbot even install, unless you ran them in a vm. Grow up, moving to OS X would be a much, much more painful expenbsive transition than to Vista, even a frothing at the mouth fanboy would see that

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I expect a lot of IT desktop farms who stick at XP and will consider an upgrade when and if vistas successor is being launched.

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