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Java Mac OS X is a powerful platform for Java development. While the Java development environment is fully integrated into Mac OS X, the Eclipse integrated development environment brings a fully integrated Java development environment to Mac OS X that provides a consistent cross-platform experience. This article shows you how to use this environment to import existing Xcode projects into Eclipse, tweak key bindings, and integrate Eclipse with the Mac OS X-bundled Concurrent Versions System.
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RE[2]: Java Cocoa Bindings
by MamiyaOtaru on Sat 28th Jul 2007 22:07 UTC in reply to "RE: Java Cocoa Bindings"
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>> Aren't the Java cocoa bindings deprecated as of
>> 10.4?

> Eclipse doesn't use the Java cocoa bindings. It uses
> SWT, which is written using Carbon.

That same Carbon that won't have a 64 bit version? That sounds like it could be fun going forward.

> the Swing Widgets with the OS X Look-and-Feel are
> looking goo(d) and they are working well.

Sort of. I mean they don't look bad, but they aren't seemless. And I don't like being stuck with aqua pinstripes only (the brushed metal look is a hack and apparently not a priority: the resize thumb at the bottom right is still an Aqua thumb etc.) I wonder how/if things will change with the more uniform UI I hear rumours of for Leopard

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