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Mono Project When Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie unveiled Silverlight at MIX07, he vowed that it would be a cross-platform technology. It appears as if the software giant is making good on that pledge: SD Times has learned that some of Microsoft's top developers have provided technical guidance for a Linux implementation of Silverlight.
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RE[4]: Maybe...
by kaiwai on Thu 9th Aug 2007 22:10 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Maybe..."
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Ultimately I hope that Microsoft realizes that they should just start hacking on Mono/Moonlight. It's a development framework that faces serious competition from Java/JavaFX and Flash. They need to make it ubiquitous, and they need to be make it cross-platform.

What does Microsoft get out of having their own proprietary implementation? They don't sell it. They don't want to keep it to themselves. They just want developers to use it. Sounds like a job for free software. <queue theme music>

Sounds like a good idea - if I were CEO of Microsoft (everyones favourite parlour game), I would completely open and standardise the .NET framework, allow anyone to implement it - create tools that are 100% .NET to allow it to run on other platforms.

We need more choice; right now Flash is the only thing- everyone gets screwed, and no one benefits from that monopoly.

Sun also need to get their act together; create easy to use development tools for JavaFX so that the cafe late drinking set who are fluent in Photoshop can sit down and put together a rich internet experience with minimum effort and learning.

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