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Apple Ars has reviewed the brand new iMac. They conclude: "The Intel Macs are fast, the majority of apps have been released as Universal Binaries, and Apple's product line - including the new iMac - is in a good place. The iMac is also competitive on price with other all-in-one PCs, so if you absolutely love the all-in-one form factor, the iMac is one of lower-priced options available. If you've been holding on to your Power PC Mac and waiting for the right time to make the big switch to Intel, the appearance of the new iMac marks an excellent opportunity." CNet also has a review.
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by ThanhLy on Thu 9th Aug 2007 22:46 UTC
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I think it's great that the new iMac is available now but isn't this bad timing on Apple's part?

Well, on one hand it's just in time for the back-to-school season (I don't know, maybe there's a student out there who is fine with their laptop and just wants an iMac) but Leopard is only a few months away. I'm sure a lot of people are still holding out on upgrades till Leopard. Like me for instance.

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RE: Timing?
by sappyvcv on Thu 9th Aug 2007 22:50 in reply to "Timing?"
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No it's perfect. People that have no idea about Leopard will buy it now then have to pay again for an upgrade in only a few months.

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RE[2]: Timing?
by mnasimh on Fri 10th Aug 2007 13:58 in reply to "RE: Timing?"
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Totally agree. I bought my iMac G5 on November 05 and intel iMac was released on January 06. I felt cheated.

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RE: Timing?
by aliquis on Fri 10th Aug 2007 00:31 in reply to "Timing?"
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That's why it's great timing, some people will buy it now already and later buy leopard aswell, more $ for apple == good timing.

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RE[2]: Timing?
by BluenoseJake on Fri 10th Aug 2007 14:44 in reply to "RE: Timing?"
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If MS acted this way, you'd all be spitting nails. Nice to see hypocrisy in the IT world is alive and kicking. And before you call me a MS Fanboy, I run Debian and FreeBSD at home, and I like Macs alot. I just can't get over the blinders the Apple community wears.

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RE: Timing?
by Thomas2005 on Fri 10th Aug 2007 13:18 in reply to "Timing?"
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This update now, before Leopard is released, is good because there are a lot of people and businesses that are set up with Tiger and now they can upgrade their hardware and not have their software affected.

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