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Linspire "Freespire, the free as in beer version of the Linspire Linux distribution, this month released Freespire 2.0, the first version of the operating system based on the popular Ubuntu distribution, and the first to contain proprietary codecs and drivers. Despite its attractive appearance, it left me with mixed feelings."
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RE[2]: I'm glad Freespire exists
by KLU9 on Thu 23rd Aug 2007 00:24 UTC in reply to "RE: I'm glad Freespire exists"
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yeah, it's always so easy... in theory... Freespire is the first time it *really* happened to me.

and I'm so supposed to research all that in 800x600 resolution? with the all-important "Yes/No" etc buttons of the Ubuntu install process etc off the bottom of the screen because of the resolution *it* gave me and knows it's operating under?

(if the Gparted LiveCD of 35mb can give me a useable resolution, I don't see (or care) why Ubuntu can't)

I'm so tired of distros that other people say Just Work that it's a shock to finally experience one that really did work for me.

If ubuntu works for you, congratulations. But ultimately I don't care; I had my own fish to fry and ONLY Freespire managed it.

(looking over my post, it sounds a bit harsh: don't take it personal ;=) )

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