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Legal "After years of encouragement from the OpenBSD community for others to use Reyk Floeter's free atheros wireless driver, it seems that the Linux world is finally listening. Unfortunately, they seem to think that they can strip the BSD license right out of it." Update: The issue has been fixed, but sadly, is down, so I cannot give any links just yet.
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For all those rabid GPL fans out there who are always so quick to jump on anything they perceive as violating the GPL, this is just poetic justice.

So for those of you saying "There's no story here... Give them time to sort it out, etc..." My response is simply this. "It sucks when you gotta swallow your own medicine doesn't it?"

I guess the rabid GPL fans can dish it out, but they can't take it when they are the ones that stepped on someone else's copyright.

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You're still around!? Damn ;)

Anyway, the "stealing" of BSD-licensed code never happened. There is no such code in the kernel-trees. It was in mail-discussion merely. Besides that the two BSD-licensed files were dual-licensed and were also under the GPL with clear rights for the user to choose either license and discard the other. So those two files are non-problematic.

The three problematic files are however not under the BSD-license and no attributions were removed. Only the conditions were removed - which of course was wrong. But it was not a part of the linux kernel, so you got that part wrong. What Jiri Slaby should've done with the three non-GPL non-BSD files was to add the GPL license so both licenses applied. But that's not what Theo complained about. He complained about removing one of two licenses from the files - a perfectly legal choice.

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