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KDE "The next-generation of the KDE open source project, version 4.0, has been touted as the beginning of a new era in desktop computing, but only two months from the first release some users are wondering if it's just all hype. KDE 4.0 will bring a collection of new technologies to the Linux and Unix desktop, but there are uncertainties around how much of it will be included in the initial release. KDE user Andreas Pakulat expressed doubt about how the release will take shape in a blog post titled 'Where's the KDE4 desktop?'." KDE's Aaron Seigo also shares his thoughts on this.
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The (sad) truth
by rx182 on Wed 29th Aug 2007 20:30 UTC
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I think too much people are trying to find excuses for the lack of progress in KDE 4.0 development. Let's face the truth: it's NOT ready. In fact, it's FAR from being ready. Yes, the developers did an amazing job already. The backend of KDE4 is really interesting. Unfortunately, the frontend development is barely started now. I believe they better admit it and push back the release or KDE 4.0 (6-8 months?) rather than release something broken and less functionnal than KDE 3.5. If they do the latter, it will take them ~5 releases to recover from that. However, I too believe that they should release many betas in the meantime.

Honestly, KDE4 is an ambitious project and I think it has great potentioal. It just needs more time and people should understand that. The same people will complain on October 23 anyway if KDE 4.0 isn't what they expected it to be. They better wait another 6-8 months to get something they will be pleased with.

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RE: The (sad) truth
by segedunum on Wed 29th Aug 2007 20:35 in reply to "The (sad) truth"
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Unfortunately, the frontend development is barely started now. I believe they better admit it and push back the release or KDE 4.0 (6-8 months?)

That won't be done, because this is public open source development.

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RE: The (sad) truth
by DeadFishMan on Wed 29th Aug 2007 20:51 in reply to "The (sad) truth"
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Were you around when GNOME 2.0 and OS X 10.0 were released in the wild? ;)

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RE: The (sad) truth
by tyrione on Thu 30th Aug 2007 00:19 in reply to "The (sad) truth"
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From what I've seen for KOffice 2.0 this rewrite will definitely be worth the efforts of the devs.

The work for all the apps and their reuse of parts within each other is going to make KOffice 2.0 be a very nice solution for any small to mid-size office. With the plugin architecture in place and the work on Krita, Kspread, KWord I just hope the same detail gets put to the rest of the suite.

I've used KDE 3.1 since it was released along-side OS X and I find both invaluable to my work and both make me a very productive person.

On a side note, I'm really looking forward to Kile 2 to eventually move to KDE 4 and make that phenomenal LaTeX/XeTeX editor indispensable for anyone who has to write something as long as The Arabian Nights or as technical as Particle Physics.

We live in a time when Software Development will be that added tool all fields of Engineering must have and will only aide in our getting off this f***'in rock and see something for a change other than video from NASA.

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