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AMD AMD has unveiled its first set of quad-core processors, three months after its original launch date. This 'complicated' design that resulted in the delay and puts the chip maker a full generation behind its archrival in terms of chip manufacturing processes.
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RE: Upgrade
by HeLfReZ on Mon 10th Sep 2007 20:01 UTC in reply to "Upgrade"
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This is my sticking point with the AMD vs Intel battle. With Intel, they are good about changing sockets everytime the release a new chip. AMD tends to be a lot easier on the pockets when it comes down to motherboards. You can often get quite a few level processors on a board before it has to be sent out to pastor. Not so bad now, as back in the P3-P4 days where you had to pull out the manual to to figure out which procs would work on your board.I wonder how many sockets/slot type both sides have racked up over the years?

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