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Amiga & AROS Tedd Gallion, speaking on behalf of a group called the DiscreetFX partners, has sent out a letter to the Amiga community with quite an interesting topic: to buy out the AmigaOS4 and the Amiga brand from Amiga, Inc. The letter states that DiscreetFX and its partners have contacted Amiga, Inc., but that the company asked a completely insane amount of money. DiscreetFX and its partners now ask the community to contact Amiga, Inc., and urge them to sell the Amiga OS and its brand to DiscreetFX for a fair price. "Urge Amiga Inc. sell to us for a fair price. We will end the lawsuit, we will end the fighting., we will end the madness. If we were in charge Amiga OS 4.0 would be available today on SAM." Spelling and grammar weren't exactly a priority in the letter, so credibility is a bit dubious. The credibility has been more or less confirmed.
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RE: How are they an Inc?
by gleng on Wed 26th Sep 2007 12:28 UTC in reply to "How are they an Inc?"
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What do people buy from them?

Well, apart from a few mobile phone games, they don't make or sell anything. It must be said that the current company that calls itself Amiga Inc. has no relation to Commodore or Amiga Technologies. If I'm correct, it seems that they don't even technically own the old Amiga IP. I recall that Gateway, who are now part of Acer, are the owners, and that Amiga Inc. are just perpetual licensees.

"transami" is write...they need to open-source it. they should open source, support it, sell hardware that runs it. at least that way they would have a product that you can purchase.

They have nothing to open source. The only power they have is to license the trademarks and IP. Or not.

is their new OS vaporware?

Amiga OS 4 was written (with initial permission from Amiga Inc.) by Hyperion Entertainment. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but the people lucky enough to have obtained AmigaOne motherboards are running it today. Hyperion are still actively working on it, and it has been shown off at many Amiga shows.

It's not vapourware. It's just not allowed to be sold.

If the current court battle is won by Hyperion, then I expect we will see OS 4 running on pretty much anything with a PowerPC processor. ;)

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RE[2]: How are they an Inc?
by areimann on Wed 26th Sep 2007 20:07 in reply to "RE: How are they an Inc?"
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Nice response. You seem very informed on it. Good to get some insights on who is Amiga and what they own.


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RE[3]: How are they an Inc?
by gleng on Wed 26th Sep 2007 23:15 in reply to "RE[2]: How are they an Inc?"
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No worries!

Amiga users tend to spend most of their time watching and waiting at the moment. ;)

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