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OSNews, Generic OSes Have you ever gone on vacation and missed a day's news? Ever have a busy day and need to quickly catch up on what you missed? Well, your problems are solved with the new OSNews Digest. Read on for details. UPDATED
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RE: Weekly Digest
by on Mon 11th Jul 2005 22:25 UTC in reply to "Weekly Digest"

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I wouldn't mind the 1.5 MB. It is only one week after all.

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RE[2]: Weekly Digest
by on Mon 11th Jul 2005 22:58 in reply to "RE: Weekly Digest"
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I would prefer the weekly e-mail - with headlines, catch-lines, and a direct link to the article. I don't think a text e-mail will be very big. I just copied the last seven days' worth of headlines and catch-lines into a text editor, and it was only 20KB - with links and some frilly additions and any encodings, that should only come out to 50KB at the most. Plus, it's the same, or even less load than sending seven daily e-mails (you could schedule the weekly e-mails to send out on different days to share the load out across the week). If you are really worried out bandwidth, headlines-only would work I guess, but might cause additional load on the servers because of users having less information for people to decide which articles they are interested in.

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