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Fedora Core "The world is changing and online applications are becoming more and more popular, whether for e-mail or word processing. The developers behind Bigboard and Gnome's 'online desktop' initiative think it's time our desktops started catching up. Read on to find an interview with Colin Walters, more information about Bigboard, the online desktop and the obligatory screencast showing it off!"
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by aseigo on Mon 1st Oct 2007 00:14 UTC
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bookmarks-for-web2.0-sites-on-steroids in a sidebar next to launchers paired with an rss reader in a systray icon menu: that's essentially what this is, and while i'm sure some find it very useful, when i tried to use it a few months ago on a regular basis i just couldn't get into it. i tried =) and i'm a fairly avid twitterer, facebooker, etc... *shrug* i also don't really care what music my friends are listening to in real time or other such things ;)

i do think it's great to have quicker access to online accounts, but really....

speaking of twitter, the way i got into it was once i had a desktop widget that let me update my twitter blog right there and see my friend's entries; the difference in this approach is that it is blended right into the desktop interface itself; no web browser popping up windows or other user interaction. just a quick glance at the desktop, with the update widget right there to click on and start typing into. i find that without that desktop widget, i don't really use twitter that much. i wonder how different my behaviour there is from most peoples?

perhaps the neatest part in this is the online application installer. the value add there is that others can rate the apps and what not and you can see the results, which brings some of the nice social networking bits into more traditional desktop functionality. this isn't something that really requires a web page in a browser, of course, but certainly integration with "web" services.

i suppose at the end of the day it's going to come down to whether or not people will get enough out of this "bookmarks on steroids" system to justify changing their habits and configuring it all.

will be interesting to see how it pans out in any case.

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RE: neat
by spikeb on Mon 1st Oct 2007 09:03 in reply to "neat"
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Doesn't this have google apps integration and stuff too?

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