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Xfce "Every major release of the 4.x series of Xfce has been pretty major. 4.0 was the result of over a years work, a major rewrite of the entire desktop. 4.2 saw the introduction of major features and enhancements that were incomplete for 4.0, and new developers as Xfce4 gained popularity. 4.4 is going to be a major upgrade to Xfce, with new components, major upgrades to old ones, and more tools for developers. So, without further ado, let's take a look at what's coming."
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RE[2]: not for me
by kaiwai on Tue 6th Sep 2005 01:54 UTC in reply to "RE: not for me"
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True to a certain extent, but it isn't about integration, it is about expandability - everything has a plugin interface; there is no need to have the functionality loaded all the time; load it when required, and when the function is no longer required, unload the plugin.

The key to saving memory is re-using components; create a tool kit of components and re-use them again and again; don't have a different rendering engine for each application, re-use the same engine again and again.

That is where Mozilla came unstuck, they tried to do everything when what they should have done, was simply create a core; rendering engine, JS Support etc. then provide interfaces where by people can embed the core into applications - without the need to carry around the XUL bloat, which quite frankly, is a waste of time and has yet to be proven, outside of Mozilla, as a viable development platform for commercial applications, both locally hosted and remote.

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