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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Project Indiana, Sun Microsystems' Linux-like OpenSolaris effort, will begin shipping to developers before the end of October, the company announced Oct. 15 at its open-source summit press event here. The developer release will include Image Packaging System, a new package manager slated for inclusion in the next version of Solaris, but won't be back-ported to Solaris 10, the most recent version to ship, said Ian Murdock, Sun's chief operating systems platform strategist, in an address to the media. All of the technology developed under Project Indiana will be delivered through OpenSolaris going forward, he said. The full release is expected in March. More here.
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Gee a new package manager
by Wondercool on Wed 17th Oct 2007 00:24 UTC
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It's the 90's all over, the Unix Wars, or the not invented here syndrome.

Why do we need another package manager? We have Apt, Emerge, Rpm, Mandrake's system, and more.

Yes we are all supposed to scratch an itch in Open Software but this is like the early 90's and Unix had the opportunity to rule. But we lost out because every dist had it's own 'features'.

Stop the madness and start standardising!

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RE: Gee a new package manager
by poundsmack on Wed 17th Oct 2007 01:43 in reply to "Gee a new package manager"
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while i agree there are many, and personaly i think to many, none of them are without their flaws. if SUN can do it better I welcome it.

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RE[2]: Gee a new package manager
by captrb on Wed 17th Oct 2007 05:53 in reply to "RE: Gee a new package manager"
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Yes, most do have flaws (even my beloved dpkg+apt), but there is more to the debate. I think that it would be a great boon for Solaris to combine packaging forces with Debian and Ubuntu. I've tried Nexenta and despite its alpha status, it is budding candidate to be the best that modern unix and OSS has to offer.

"not invented here" walks hand in hand with "not cooperating here".

I realize there are technical considerations too, but you can't argue about the lost opportunities.

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RE: Gee a new package manager
by zugu on Wed 17th Oct 2007 07:43 in reply to "Gee a new package manager"
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Because all of the current packaging methods have flaws. Oh, and remember "choice"?

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