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Hardware, Embedded Systems "The Asus Eee PC challenges many conventional assumptions about mobile computing. The daring, diminutive device combines a svelte subnotebook form factor with a unique Linux software platform and a budget-friendly price - factors that could make this unprecedented product a mainstream marvel. Last week, my colleague Jon described the Eee PC as game-changing: a characterization that we will put to the test in this review."
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RE: rip off
by polaris20 on Wed 14th Nov 2007 22:47 UTC in reply to "rip off"
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Clearly you have no idea what the intended market for this is.

This isn't a traditional laptop replacement. It's for people that need more than a PDA, but something smaller than a laptop.

I for one would have loved this when I traveled a lot, because this plus a 2.5"-based USB hard drive would have lightened my load tremendously while still allowing me to do everything I need it to do (Office-type stuff, router configuration, web, etc.)

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