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OGG a replacement for Flash?!
by XemonerdX on Wed 5th Dec 2007 19:21 UTC
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To all those bringing up OGG as a replacement for Flash. Please explain to me how I can build an OGG-based navigation to replace a Flash-based navigation with the navigational data coming out of a database or XML? Or how I can create an OGG-based clip with some sort of interactivity beyond movie controls built into the OGG. My knowledge of OGG is quite limited, just audio/video, so maybe I'm missing something here?

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tyrione Member since:

Flash is being used as a wrapper for Audio/Video clips, but with Flash menus.

Replacing Flash with SVG and OGG using Javascript DOM objects to provide behavior/actions to your SVG objects is not difficult to imagine.

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if you want something in opensource code it yourself ;)

for all those people suggesting ogg : ogg is simply not ready to be used in webpages. my safari does not support it, ie does not support it, this will rule out 90% of the visitors.
Ogg is not widely accepted because there are no easy installers available. this is the main reason it's almost never used.

many people want a replacement for mp3 (because of patents) so getting ogg widely supported should not be extremely hard.

but for now flash is the best solution for streaming video. anything menu like can be done with html. (anyone starting a java applet to play ogg should be shot on the spot)

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Ogg is not widely accepted because there are no easy installers available. this is the main reason it's almost never used.

There's a Windows installer out there for WMP from Illiminable (linked from the main Vorbis site). So, you can't really complain that the majority of people (e.g. Windows, at least) can't use it. Heck, with Mpxplay, you can even play Ogg in DOS. :-)

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