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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The crown jewel of Nokia right now is the E51 and sent us one over for a review. Some of you will be surprised by this comment as there are other and more powerful Nokia phones out there, but there's a reason for it. Read on to read it.
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My Quandry
by HeLfReZ on Wed 12th Dec 2007 15:32 UTC
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My quandry is that I am torn between the E51 and the E61i. Eugenia, and noticeable performance or big gains with the S60 feature pack 1 on the E51 over the E61i?

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RE: My Quandry
by REM2000 on Wed 12th Dec 2007 16:48 in reply to "My Quandry"
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I think the biggest difference between the two phones is the keyboard (i.e. blackberry fully keyboard) on the E61i vs the standard phone design / keyboard of the E51

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RE[2]: My Quandry
by HeLfReZ on Wed 12th Dec 2007 18:33 in reply to "RE: My Quandry"
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Not entirely true. The e51 includes Feature Pack1 which has gotton some great reviews on performance and stability. Some functions like Bluetooth and SIP (VoIP) got completely reworked in Feature Pack 1. The e61i does not support feature pack 1.

Feature Packs are not the same as firmware upgrades.

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