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Qt "Trolltech has released the Qt 4.4.0 technical preview, a pre-release that allows software developers to begin experimenting with the new features that the company has implemented for the next version. I compiled the technical preview release from source code and tested it on my desktop computer with Ubuntu 7.10. For testing purposes, I experimented with several of the new features, examined the included demo applications, and created a few simple programs of my own. The 4.4.0 technical preview adds a new concurrency framework, enhanced XML support, the Phonon media framework, and an integrated HTML renderer widget based on WebKit. This release is also the first to include support for rendering widgets on a GraphicsView component - a feature that will enable Qt developers to create richer and more dynamic user interfaces."
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RE: webkit vs khtml
by tyrione on Thu 27th Dec 2007 10:06 UTC in reply to "webkit vs khtml"
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KDE is an incorporated entity. If you'd bother to do some research you'd find that they are funded and by some prominent corporations.

PDF Quarterly report:


``The KDE e.V. is pleased to report that Intel, Klaralvdalens Datakonsult AB, and Novell Inc. are now Patrons of KDE.''

Do you really think that all this Open Source development is done for the sake of Liberty alone? People write their career resumes by doing these projects. Many of these developers go on to work for such large corporations as Intel, Google, IBM, Red Hat, SUN, Apple, etc.

There are thousands of KDE Developers contributing to the KDE Project. Look it up on the statistics. These people do it because they love to learn as well as to improve their skills to which they later can charge much higher Consulting Rates to do Corporate work.

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RE[2]: webkit vs khtml
by Narishma on Thu 27th Dec 2007 10:45 in reply to "RE: webkit vs khtml"
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He wasn't talking about KDE but KHTML.

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RE[3]: webkit vs khtml
by tyrione on Fri 28th Dec 2007 00:39 in reply to "RE[2]: webkit vs khtml"
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KHTML is a funded project under KDE.

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