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AMD "AMD is on the heels of releasing the next set of GPU programming documentation to aide in the development of the open-source R500/600 drivers (xf86-video-ati and xf86-video-radeonhd). It's already been discussed what this NDA-free documentation release will have, but one of the questions that have repeatedly come up is if/when AMD will release information on accelerated video playback. AMD's John Bridgman has now stated what they plan to release in the video realm as well as a new requirement for their future graphics processors: being open-source friendly while avoiding DRM."
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RE[2]: Open Source will welcome it
by kragil on Sun 30th Dec 2007 22:41 UTC in reply to "RE: Open Source will welcome it"
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hmm, the Athlon 5200 X2 EE would be my cpu of choice for a new system. it is very cheap ( like 80 Euros ). Boards are cheap too ( even with PCI Ex 2.0 ).

It does not have the performance like more expensive cpus but in terms of price/performance and heat it is VERY competitive. ( IMHO even better than any Intel for that kind of money )

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At the moment, the Intel Core 2 Duos pretty much spank the AMD X2s on most everything I've tested (I participate in some ~80 distributed computing projects of various types) - but prior to that, the AMD Athlon series easily clobbered the Pentium 4's and Pentium D's... Both the AMD X2s and Intel C2Ds are very energy efficient (compared to prior technologies), with the C2Ds slightly better at the moment IMO.

I'm guessing it's just a matter of time before AMD unleashes some new innovation. Intel may have the dual and quad-core battle won for the moment, and they have a lot more fab locations under their belt - but that doesn't mean AMD is permanently out of the picture.

In any case, I hope AMD makes a strong comeback ;)

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I agree, but please don't call chip designs "technologies", it's pretty wrong. Major things like, perhaps, digital computers, BJT transistors, self aligned gates, or even PMOS/NMOS/CMOS, could all pass as "technologies". A particular chip (family) could not however - not even a micro architecture would be a "technology".

take care

/Mr semantic

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Are you testing the X2s in x64 mode? I imagine that a native x86 processor would perform better than a native x64 running in x86 mode.

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I'm not so sure about your choice.

The AMD Athlon 5200 X2 EE is ~76 (~104 Euros) on one of most competitive UK online retailers. In terms of price this seems to compete with the Intel Core 2 Duo E4500, which is a ridiculously overclockable chip that most likely kicks the X2's arse on any playing field.

No matter which way you cut it, Intel's current core architecture is more efficient than AMD's and Intel have a good line up across the entire budget range.

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