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OS/2 and eComStation Last month, IBM made an announcement that put an end to any hope of an open source OS/2. Responding to requests from an online community that had previously collected 11,600 signatures in support of its cause, the company confirmed that they would not be releasing the source code of their OS/2 operating system. I used OS/2 as my main operating system for about four years, and unlike some former users, my reaction to the news sits somewhere between disinterest and relief.
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RE: OS/2, AmigaOS and others
by rcsteiner on Thu 7th Feb 2008 21:19 UTC in reply to "OS/2, AmigaOS and others"
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"What I don't understand is why no-one has tried to just reproduce a clean room version of their favorite OS instead of demanding the owners of the original code to open source?"

Possible reasons:

(1) IBM was supporting the OS with bug fixes and with slipstreamed new features (JFS, LVM, USB support, etc) all the way through December 2006, which wasn't all that long ago, so the OS isn't quite as "far behind" as some people might think. That includes a number of unofficial kernel updates from sources within IBM (many thanks SG!).

(2) In addition, companies like Serenity Systems and Scitech have been adding fairly substantial improvements to the installation code and to the video cards actively supported, for example, which greatly increased the lifespan of the existing client.

That said, the Voyager Project has been doing what you suggest for a while now.

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