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Internet Explorer Microsoft has sent an e-mail to a select number of its previous beta testers regarding the upcoming release of IE8 beta 1. "We are nearing the launch of Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 and we will be making it available for the general public to download and test. IE8 Beta 1 is focused on the developer community, with the goal of gaining valuable feedback to improve Internet Explorer 8 during the development process."
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RE[3]: Developer Feedback
by google_ninja on Tue 26th Feb 2008 15:20 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Developer Feedback"
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I believe that you have been advocating the view that Microsoft has changed, turned over a new leaf, found God, and are good team players today.

That made me chuckle ;) Changed from the early 90s? definately. Turned a new leaf? I would say so. Found God and are good team players? To a degree.

What I have been saying is that we have had demonstratable proof in a serious evility reduction in the company. They are still a business, and as such are still capable of pulling shitty moves. But nowadays, I don't think they are really any better or worse then other companies, like apple, or even google.

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