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Mono Project "Does GNOME co-founder Miguel de Icaza's backflip over the Novell-Microsoft deal a few days ago mean that he has finally been convinced that he is on a one-way path to nowhere? Has he realised that his own project, Mono, is actually putting GNOME on a development track that can leave it open to patent claims one day? And has he realised that creating Moonlight, a clone of Microsoft's Silverlight, (with which the company hopes to trump Adobe's Flash) is not going to advance the cause of free software one iota?"
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People so concerned about Mono ...
by JeffS on Wed 12th Mar 2008 19:58 UTC
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... should just do with Parrot, Python, Vala, whatever, what has been done with Mono - i.e great IDE like Monodevelop, great tools, great GTK bindings, great docs, great libraries, and so on.

Then few would have any reason to use Mono.

In the meantime, of all the GTK+ bindings I've seen, GTK# is the best. Of all the IDEs and GUI forms designers for Gnome/Linux I've seen, Monodevelop is the best. So there is a compelling reason to use it.

Migration is also compelling. There are real life examples of Windows/.Net to Linux/Mono migration, particularly on the Web/ASP.Net side.

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Reading your post and remembering Stallman's insistence on calling it GNU/Linux made me chuckle.

We have GNOME/Linux now and Windows/.NET. I'm sorry, but you can't call it .NET because that disregards all of the contributions made by the Windows organization... You must only speak of Windows/.NET.

In fact Windows isn't appropriate either. It's really Win32/NT/.NET.

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