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KDE "Considering that the previous revisions were surprisingly unstable, I can honestly call this one the most stable of the ones I have tested until now. I experienced only one crash and the performance was more than satisfactory. Now I can be almost sure that when a stable edition of KDE 4.1 is published, I will definitely say good bay to my old good KDE 3.5."
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RE: Writing from KDE 4.0.3
by tonym on Mon 31st Mar 2008 16:39 UTC in reply to "Writing from KDE 4.0.3"
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6. Any files and folders saved on the desktop folder show up as plasmoids. This makes it totally impossible for me to organize my files. Whenever I download something I save them on the desktop and then organize them from there. The most important files and folders I always keep on the desktop. But if they all are shown as plasmoids I can't delete the files, I can't move them to folders or anything like that unless I specifically open a file-manager. This just annoys the hell out of me.

These may be minor issues to other users but point 6 is just something I refuse to live with. And with all the other annoyances included I just can't justify spending any more time here.

The desktop is not a file manager. It is a canvas on which plasmoids live. There will probably be a plasmoid in the future that will make you happier. But I am quite certain the desktop will never be a file manager in kde4.

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Actually there is in trunk a plasmoid which contains a folderview (homefolder by default). So this should solve his issues, even in a much more flexible way than the normal desktop ever could ;-)

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RE[2]: Writing from KDE 4.0.3
by melkor on Wed 2nd Apr 2008 14:36 in reply to "RE: Writing from KDE 4.0.3"
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Sorry, but that makes it useless as tits on a bull then. Many people store folders/files on the Desktop as a quick way of accessing them. Removing this option (or ballsing it up) is not a good usability feature imho.

Saying tough luck by saying that the Desktop is not a file manager is a slack way of saying "we don't give a ****". That doesn't endear end users.

The Desktop is more than just a pretty face - it's where *most* users interact with *most* of their commonly used files. A tip - both OS X and Windows behave this way (so did OS/2 and from memory, BEos). They can't all be wrong, can they?


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