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Windows "What do you do if your flagship operating system isn't designed to run well on a popular new class of hardware? It's a problem currently faced by Microsoft. Budget laptops like the Asus Eee PC with minimal amounts of RAM, relatively slow CPUs, and solid state storage have proven popular, and Vista wasn't designed to operate well within such hardware confines. In response, Microsoft is reportedly planning to extend the availability of Windows XP for the budget laptop category."
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If your smart, your already running your notebook as a thinclient when your at starbucks. You connect to the coffee shop network (untrusted) then blow through with a VPN to your work or your own tunnel through your home machine; both cases tunneling through the untrusted network so you can move in and out of the trusted network point.

A thinclient would be great for that, your whole machine would reside at home behind it's encrypted tunnel; desktop, saved files, installed programs. You pop out your trusty thinclient, connect to the coffee shop wifi and blow through to your thinclient session off the server through it's tunnel. If you loose your connection, it's all waiting for you on the server still.

The semi-thinclient aproach would be simply using SSH X forwarding but a full blown thinclient with barely enough storage for the connection software would work pretty well as a tiny mobile terminal.

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"If your smart"

Oh, the irony. I can't bear it.

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Guess that should have started with "If you're smart" huh.. ;)

I had to trade some of my ability to spell well (and two magic beans) for these mad computer skills. ;)

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