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Windows Microsoft will shutter its Windows XP line June 30, as planned, ceasing sales of Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home to retailers and direct OEMs, Microsoft confirmed to eWEEK April 3. The statement from Redmond executives ends weeks of speculation that Microsoft would extend the life of the operating system as users turn up their nose at Vista, the operating system meant to supplant XP, and OEMs argue lighter versions of desktops and notebooks don't have the juice to run Vista.
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RE[2]: Not quite
by zugu on Fri 4th Apr 2008 14:05 UTC in reply to "RE: Not quite"
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Better tell that to your friends and to the Linux community in general, it's full of teenagers who have no idea what they're talking about and try to shove Linux down other Joe Sixpack's throat.

I never said Linux is not a good server or scientific OS, I said it's not ready for the desktop. I tried to prove the Vista bashing crowd that Vista *will* get adopted, no matter how they twirl and twitch. MS getting Vista off the shelves is just a zealot's wet dream.

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RE[3]: Not quite
by sbergman27 on Fri 4th Apr 2008 14:46 in reply to "RE[2]: Not quite"
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I never said Linux is not a good server or scientific OS, I said it's not ready for the desktop.

Your personal attack on members of the Linux community is both unbecoming and compromises your credibility, and I will not address it further.
However, you misunderstood my post. I may not have been clear enough. Andy Admin administers Linux business desktops. I administer somewhere around a hundred or so myself. And so I know, very well, the strengths and weaknesses. But with a skilled admin in charge, the weaknesses can be overcome, and the strengths can be maximized. "The Desktop" is a another phrase that I see thrown around as if it were meaningful. It is not. The business desktop is a very different thing than the home desktop. And there is variation even within those two categories. Linux is ready for the business desktop, to the extent that such a broad statement can have meaning. It is also ready for certain home users. But the coverage is spotty, and you only have one chance to make a good first impression. I advise caution.

Edit: Just to clarify: Much, but not all, of Linux's shortcomings on the home desktop are due to a lack of third party support by software and hardware vendors, and not due to anything inherent in Linux, itself.

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RE[4]: Not quite
by kmann3 on Sat 5th Apr 2008 17:51 in reply to "RE[3]: Not quite"
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Wow, you sounded VERY defensive with your first statement. "I won't address that any further." -- See how rude that sounds? Almost sounds like you want to be alpha male or sound like a manager with an ego issue.

When someone says "Linux is ready for the desktop" that usually implies for home users. When they say "Linux is ready for businesses" they usually mean "It's ready for businesses desktops". You are trying to twist words in an effort to cover up you lost an argument.

Swap Linux with Vista and your argument can still apply to the topic.

So far every single time I've seen someone give Joe Sixpack a Linux desktop, they pretty much became their slave to "how do I get audio working with this app? how do I...?". This tells me that it is probably not ready for a desktop without technical support. This will probably mean home users and small businesses.

OpenBSD runs my firewall, Ubuntu 7.10 runs my gaming server / play server, and Vista runs my desktop. I have problems with none of these however OpenBSD and Ubuntu run a farely limited set of services.

Regardless of OS -- the REAL answer is education. NONE of the OS's (neither Mac, Windows, nor Linux) can do everything perfectly. Consider them all a tool. Nothing more. Don't let it stuck you in emotionally.

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RE[4]: Not quite
by kmann3 on Sat 5th Apr 2008 17:53 in reply to "RE[3]: Not quite"
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Oh, and a side note -- yes mange Linux fundies do try to push Linux down peoples throats. Ignoring the problem isn't going to achieve anything.

You sound like a Mac zealot and lost a lot of credibility.. blah blah blah...

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