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Hardware, Embedded Systems Every now and then, a computer comes along that makes a mark, that sets a trend, or that simply stuns you - but not because of its internals, its processor or its software, but because of its appearance. Through the history of computing, there have been a number of computers that were actually designed to appeal not just because of raw technology alone, but also because of stunning looks. Read on for a countdown of my ten most beautiful computers.
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Bebox or IBM ps/2 model 50 beautiful??
by irbis on Mon 14th Apr 2008 01:06 UTC
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What is the definition of beautiful in this context? I thought the idea was to talk about aesthetics and pure looks, not functionality?

To me a beautiful personal computer would mean a computer good looking enough so that you could even have it in your living room daily, just beside your finest furniture and art hanging on the walls. Now, would Bebox fill those requirements..? I seriously doubt it..?

I've no doubt that BeOS was very advanced OS in its day, but that box... it looks just plain ugly to me, and I would never want to drag something like that into my living room if not necessary... The same with Sun Ultra 20 and Sun SPARCstation 20. Not to mention IBM ps/2 model 50. Some ugly monsters!! ;)

SGI O2? Well, much better, yes... But actually my vacuum cleaner - that happens to look a bit similar - might look better than that in my living room... ;-)

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but when people say the bebox is beautiful, they aren't talking about functionality either. It's more of a romantic or sentimental feeling

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