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Legal Speaking of soap operas, there's one soap opera in the technology world that has been going on for so long that nobody really seems to know why it was ever started, whatever all the different moves have been over the years, or whoever lost or won which battle. Just like a true soap opera, you can just jump right in the middle of it and feel like you've always been part of the regular audience. The SCO saga is such a case.
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I wonder when Microsoft will sue ...
by autumnlover on Thu 1st May 2008 23:40 UTC
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... the ReactOS team for "copying" "their" system?

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When it gains traction and they can make an example out of them.

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... the ReactOS team for "copying" "their" system?

That's why they have standards as to how code can get into their system. For example, there was a really big audit of their code recently - shut down work on the project for a while to my understanding - to help prevent Microsoft from being able to make any claims as such (patents, etc. aside) like SCO is trying (and failing) with Linux.

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