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X11, Window Managers The X Windowing System is the graphical backbone of most UNIX-like operating systems (and OpenVMS) - despite lots and lots of criticism, the system has withstood the test of time. Despite its age, development on X has not slowed down - in fact, it only seems to have picked up. A few weeks ago, we had kernel-based mode setting, and today we have the X server running as user instead of root.
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RE: I'm no linux guru but...
by hobgoblin on Tue 13th May 2008 05:19 UTC in reply to "I'm no linux guru but..."
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"the best solution" is a utopic dream, there will always be room for refinement of some sort.

but yes, this do get the proof of concept out there, for others to continue on with.

now if it had been some corp that figured this out, i wonder how much copyright and patent it would have been wrapped in...

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RE[2]: I'm no linux guru but...
by airlied on Thu 15th May 2008 11:17 in reply to "RE: I'm no linux guru but..."
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well Red Hat does pay the wages :-)

and funds most of these changes.

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