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Slackware, Slax The latest release of Slackware, 10.2, was just released to the mirrors.
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Slackware(and others) based distroubutions
by on Thu 15th Sep 2005 04:55 UTC

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Firstly Slackware has been one of my main distro's for years along with debian.

I've found that any box i dont wish to tinker with say a router or a ssh server, i'd tend to use slackware, for workstations etc i'd use debian.

I think slackware is great but when all i wanna do is tinker doing everything by hand is alittle frustrating, granted in debian i dont go much further than say apt and dpkg and alittle cvs.

Standard slackware is great, but i'd like to plug and slander a few slackware based distro.

I tend to think slackware is much cleaner than debian, i know somethings gonna be there without having to take a guess.

Guess i'm a bitch for standards so take the rest of this with a pinch of salt;)

1c3d0g mentioned that distrowatch had 29 distro's based on slackware, of course it's a great based as i am sure you know!

But imvho (and this affects all distro's) is the generic me too, we shaved 50mb off, this ones designed for users, yadadadadad kde plastick-uber-theme distro

Of course it's a personal gpled right to change and modify their code for their own liking.

Pocketlinux- sorry to pick on this distro but since it's number 29 i will, i like 29.

It's great huh? I must confess i've never used it but what makes it better or EVEN different from the likes of Vector linux or Slax (more so slax).

They do what they do well add extra features to slackware, such as package managment a more user/dev whatever based interface.

We all need different things for different tasks, but we still havent got we dont need 10 things to do the one task.(tho i'm really not sure this one ring(app) for all idea)

Sure anyone can make their own distro, but do the majortity offer anything new?

yes i know i'm an idiot but ya need them too:p


Slax - small fast modular slack

Does what it sets out to do well, it wasnt the first and it hasnt been the last, but it's the most effective slackware based newbie like distro i've used, and it's a live cd! sound like number 29?

P.s. pocketlinux guys - simplified installer 1 app per task and kde light, sorry guys/gals just think your reinventing the wheel

it's also 6am i'm grumpy

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