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Original OSNews Interviews BeOS (and Haiku) has a very powerful filesystem, thanks mostly to its extensive use of attributes and live queries to search through these attributes. In order to access these powerful features over a network, you need a network file system that also supports attributes and queries - cue BeServed, Kevin Musick's network file system. A few weeks ago, the code to BeServed was donated to the Haiku project as open source under a MIT license, so HaikuNews and OSNews decided to interview Kevin Musick together. In addition, Haiku launched the Haiku Code Drive 2008.
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by mmu_man on Sun 18th May 2008 22:39 UTC
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> 4. Do you see a possible solution for the attribute problem (where other operating systems disregard BFS attributes)?

Actually most of the time (when some fool didn't disable it) xattr support is enabled in Linux. And NTFS also supports them (just even Microsoft forgot about it).
But they aren't compatible with BFS ones, so a mapping must be designed, that is stable with respect to calling itself (idempotent, ie. coying back to BFS whatever the way doesn't deviate from the original ones).

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