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Red Hat The Fedora team has clearly spent a lot of time trying to refine some of the smaller, but perhaps more common user interface elements in some thoughtful ways. Take, for instance, the new setting that allows you to manage power settings from the login screen. It's a small tweak but it makes shutting down simple. There's no need to login when you wake from hibernate - just shut down straight from the login screen. Similar attention to these basics can be found throughout the new release.
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Fedora 9, worst than Ubuntu 8.04
by Kochise on Mon 19th May 2008 12:11 UTC
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It installed fine from the i386 DVD, but :
- KDE hangs right after login, had to reinstall under Gnome
- No Synaptic package manager, the Fedora package manager is a mess that cannot deal with offline repository, even with the DVD. At least under Ubuntu I was able to add the Ubuntu DVD as a repository and search amongst local packages and install them. The Fedora PM loaded slowly, veryyyyyy slowly the packages when connected on the Internet for update, and started a fetch when I clicked another section (from admin tools to graph tools for instance)
- Under Fedora PM, when you click another section, or try to install a package, it tells 'Another task in progress' and add to the job queue. Isn't Fedora multi-tasking ?
- No nVidia driver, cannot even install the one found on the nVidia site (169.12)
- Several other glitches, cannot find offline repository like since I'm off the Internet most of the time. It's strange how current Linux distros believes we're all on cable !


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can I ask how to add an ubuntu dvd ISO file as a repository? I'm sure there was an easy way of doing that before but I cant find it... it constantly wants a real dvd and I cant be bothered looking for a dvd each time or I'd be quicker downloading it.

I also remember years ago when I used mandrake being able to use standard folders as an RPM source

I'm just about to try a Fedora dvd iso in a vmware ;) should be interesting.

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In ubuntu, mount the ISO using 'sudo mount' as a '/mnt' subfolder. Then locate this folder under Synaptic...


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