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Hardware, Embedded Systems Apple's PowerMac G5 has been out of sale for nearly two years now, which some find a sad thing. As we all know, the desktop PowerPC market is more or less dead by now, which means getting your hands on a PowerPC workstation is either difficult, or very expensive. Terra Soft Solutions, the company behind Yellow Dog Linux, is about to launch its YDL PowerStation, the unofficial successor to the PowerMac G5. "Not just a simple replacement, but a well designed, perfectly packaged, readily upgradable, and far, far, more open source friendly system. The YDL PowerStation is four cores of unleashed Power in a solid, affordable package."
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by codex on Fri 13th Jun 2008 13:40 UTC
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This discussion is total bull****. MatLab? Octave? Get real! Do you seriously think that anyone who would need to buy a Quad-G5, they would do it for running MatLab? Linux/PPC didn't fail for non-availability of MatLab, that's ridiculous. It failed because there was no hardware available (since Apple made the switch, Linux/ppc installations didn't increase substantially), while there was a need. The need is still there, and now there is also hardware -and there will follow more.

These CPUs are quite powerful even by today's standards, though they miss on efficienty (850W PSU is a bit much). Whoever will buy these, will not buy them for their 3d graphics power, nor for their software. But there are MANY applications apart from that. Has anyone done embedded development? It's far easier to do native compiles for ppc embedded CPUs rather than use cross-compiling. Plus, with Nvidia/ATI cards getting cheaper (and nouveau on ppc for that matter) I don't think it will take long to have other options for gfx cards. Were I to buy this system, I would most probably swap the XGI card for a nvidia card and experiment with nouveau (It's already usable on ppc, but just not 3d yet).

The only problem I see is the future evolution of the G5. Price is not a problem, but it would be sad to see this product as an one-off solution. At the very least if it succeeds it would show to IBM that there is a market and they should probably evolve G5 to next levels.

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by helf on Sat 14th Jun 2008 14:19 in reply to "irrelevant"
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You do realize that the PSU rating is usually the peek pull it can handle. It isn't ALWAYS sucking that much from your wall.

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