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KDE Probably the most often misunderstood element of KDE4 is Plasma, the extensive widget engine that replaces the normal desktop and the Kicker panel from KDE 3.x. The entire KDE4 desktop is built up out of Plasmoids (yet another term for desk accessory), including the panel and the desktop itself - and it is the latter that has been causing quite some confusion. Where are my desktop icons? Update: Aaron Seigo has published a screencast showing how the FolderView Plasmoid behaves as a normal desktop, and how to make it so.
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RE[5]: great
by tyrione on Tue 17th Jun 2008 21:44 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: great"
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"Writing off potential "customers" whom are interested in your project and have questions, concerns and/or suggestions as "poisonous people" is not a good strategy in my book.

This is obviously not true since the KDE developer does not do this, they listen and repy to valid questions, concerns and/or suggestions.

The clue here is valid critisism. Raising again and again the same complaints and issues that have been ansvered and explained before on numourus occastions, and in many cases shown to be invalid, are not usefull in any way. And being louder does not change the facts.

When this is beeing done repeadetly by the same vocal critics. They even continue after their complaint has been shown invalid, and in many cases turns to personel attacks and insults. Labeling them as "poisonous people" are very accurate.

Define, valid.

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RE[6]: great
by _txf_ on Tue 17th Jun 2008 23:41 in reply to "RE[5]: great"
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-I don't like this because I can't do this that etc.
why isn't it like so etc.

-why is it different? why is it done it this way?

-this does not work [explanation of bug or description of problem]

-I don't like this because its dumb/wahhh I want kde3 again

-Kde4 dev's are arrogant because they didn't change feature x when I said it sucked.

-kde4 is ugly/kde3 was so much better

-it doesn't work...kde4 sucks

These are just examples of the attitude (though some of those are almost word for word copies). A lot of criticism has just been noise with no point to it and completely unhelpful.

the most uninformed critics tend to be the loudest whiners

some willfully refuse to be corrected of any errors/misunderstanding or go somewhere else to spread their misinformation.

trolls to be expected under a popular and public project but it seems that some have gone out of their way to as vicious as possible.

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RE[6]: great
by lemur2 on Wed 18th Jun 2008 07:08 in reply to "RE[5]: great"
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Define, valid.

It is perhaps easier to give examples of "invalid".

Examples of "invalid criticism of KDE 4.1 alpha" are:

(1) "You can't resize the panel" ... invalid because you can resize it.
(2) "Why must the panel be that ugly black color" ... invalid because the panel doesn't have to be that color.
(3) "You can't have desktop icons" ... invalid because you can effectively have desktop icons, and in fact it is more flexible on KDE 4.1 than any other desktop to date.
(4) "Its ugly" ... invalid when they are criticising just one theme when the KDE 4 desktop is very much themeable.
(5) "It isn't finished in this area" ... invalid (for a release preview) when the developers have already said "It isn't finished in this area, we will have it finished by the time of release".

Hope that helps.

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