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Windows We already know some of the directions Windows 7 will be exploring: a system-wide multitouch user interface framework, a focus on performance, all while building on top of the groundwork Windows Vista has laid out. While off-hand remarks have been made concerning the operating system's release date, it appears Microsoft now formalised the release date of Windows 7.
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Vista : WinXP = WinXP : Win98 (Major architectural changes in Vista compared to XP, Major architectural changes in XP compared to Win98)

At best Vista : XP = XP : NT4.0.
XP was based on the NT line of kernels, 98 was based on the 9x line, the two kernels shared almost no commonality, despite hosting somewhat similar userspaces.

The changes from XP to Vista are not that drastic, at the kernel level it's mostly tweaks and some new functionality, to support things like IO priorities and UAC as well as a rewritten network stack and significant changes to the GDI.

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