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Windows "Microsoft Windows has put on a lot of weight over the years" writs Randall Stross in a recent New York Times blog entry on Windows' legacy code. "Beginning as a thin veneer for older software code," he continues, "it has become an obese monolith built on an ancient frame. Adding features, plugging security holes, fixing bugs, fixing the fixes that never worked properly, all while maintaining compatibility with older software and hardware -- is there anything Windows doesn't try to do?" Does Microsoft have the business savvy or guts to rewrite Windows?
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RE[2]: No....errr yes?
by xk2600 on Sun 29th Jun 2008 21:30 UTC in reply to "RE: No"
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The NT kernel is the most understood, tested and architected kernel in the world, surround by heaps of cruft, .NET, a "bad java," and a ton of win32 bad crud.

I'm still amazed at how many people love Java and hate DOT.NET. Java compatability between versions is rediculous, not to mention its a complete hog with resources. DOT.NET on the other hand is a hugely scalable and has cross language compatability: kernel level API written in C/C++, Front End API written in ASP/C#/VB and complete integration in between. You can make calls from C# into VB modules or C/C++ binaries or references to C/C++ Header files. Hell you can even utilize Java and Javascript inline or by reference. And what Win32 'crud'? The only issue I've ran into with non-support in writing Win32 Binaries have been where I was trying to utilize old calls due to my own lack of education in an area.(WOW/WOW16/etc..) Granted there are bugs, but name one OS that doesn't have some malformed code?

I'd like to see one day a "gentoo" or "debian" for NT kernel, you might be surprised if you built a sane userland around the NT kernel it wouldn't be a bad thing.

?? An intesting undertaking.. I'll give you that. Likeliness to happen borderlines on never. Why reinvent an already well engineered product.

WINE plays more games than Vsita SP1 and looks good doing so.

If you want to play games, buy a PS3 or a Wii. The reality is Gaming will always play a slow role in moving into new OSs. XP was the same way. If WINE works for you sweet. The general populous on the other hand... not going to happen. And PCs make really low end gaming systems in comparison to consoles. The OS layer consumes far too many resources to avidly be able to take use of the hardware for serious gaming. Consoles are far more efficient, and far less $ per proc cycle of use.

And yes, I wrote this from my Windows Vista PC (Which happens to also be 6 years old, and has no issues supporting Vista fully.)

... I know.. I know.. zealot right? I also have a Thinkpad with OS 10.5.1 on it and a ESX server with several flavors of Unix/Linux, so please keep the name calling to a minimum.

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