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Apple Apple's OS market share increased by nearly 32% in the last year. Windows Vista and Linux also increased their shares by 8% and 18%, respectively, to end the month accounting for 16.14% and 0.88% of the online OS market. The full results from the survey can be found here. The results came as there is increasing speculation about the new version of OS X having a business focus.
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RE: Starbucks
by Soulbender on Fri 4th Jul 2008 13:07 UTC in reply to "Starbucks"
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I dont think Starbucks customers is a good representation of the population at large.

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RE[2]: Starbucks
by kwag on Fri 4th Jul 2008 18:42 in reply to "RE: Starbucks"
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"I dont think Starbucks customers is a good representation of the population at large."

And I think OSNews customers is a good representation of the population at small. ;)

The users I see at my local(s) Starbucks, are university students in their Masters degree, and other advanced studies.
This is one case at a Starbucks which is very close to a local University.
The other Starbucks close to me, which there's a local shopping center very close (no University around), is exactly the same!, as far as real life usage.
So anyone who thinks that this is not a good example, you're plain wrong, because this is what I see every time I go to a Starbucks (around once every couple of weeks).
And BTW, a double shot, tall Latte isn't that bad at Starbucks ;)

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RE[3]: Starbucks
by SterlingNorth on Sat 5th Jul 2008 01:41 in reply to "RE[2]: Starbucks"
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Again, that doesn't really mean Starbucks is representative of the population at large... People who go to Starbucks in general make lots of money (or are in college) -- otherwise they couldn't afford to go to Starbucks. And by extension they can afford notebook Macs. Otherwise, there is a large population of people who probably dont have enough money for designer coffee... those are the people you don't see in your Starbucks computer user surveys.

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