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Bugs & Viruses Mac Antivirus developer Intego might have stumbled across an OS X specific virus being offered for auction that targets a previously unknown ZIP archive vulnerability. From Intego's posting, it appears that an enterprising auctioneer seems determined to make sure that his name is one that is not forgotten when it comes to Apple security, claiming that his exploit is a poisoned ZIP archive that will "KO the system and Hard Drive" when unarchived.
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A ZIP bomb maybe?
by evangs on Thu 24th Jul 2008 20:39 UTC
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Compress a huge terabyte text file that contains nothing but 0s and then get the user to decompress it? That would totally fsck up a system. In lieu of any more details, it's hard to know what exploit this is.

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RE: A ZIP bomb maybe?
by henrikmk on Fri 25th Jul 2008 11:37 in reply to "A ZIP bomb maybe?"
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That would totally fsck up a system.

It would more likely just report that the disk ran full or that there is not enough diskspace to decompress it, assuming that ZIP reports the file size back to the system before attempting to uncompress it. ZIP can't harm a system that way.

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