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BeOS & Derivatives After fixing a few specific bugs, Haiku now runs on the Asus EeePC - the 701 model, that is. "It is with great pleasure that I'm able to announce that Haiku (rev26666) runs on the Asus EeePC! I own a 701 model, and have sporadically been testing out Haiku revisions on the machine. For months I've been unable to boot Haiku, but somewhere along the line, the bug I filed got squashed, and Haiku will boot off the machine's internal 4gb fixed disk!" Wireless, LAN, and the APM do not work, but sound does thanks to the OSS driver. Installation is a tad bit complicated (it involves booting Haiku in a VM in Windows XP and copying the contents of a nightly build over to a real hardware BFS partition, and adding Haiku to the ntldr), but at least it works.
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A bit off topic but...
by suryad on Sat 2nd Aug 2008 16:16 UTC
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...I was thinking why does not a relatively large software corporation just buy out the Haiku development and and hire all their developers and get it buffed up into a full brown product and usher in a new generation of computing?

If I was Microsoft I would do something like that. Take Haiku, pay their developers, build a huge community around it, toss backwards compatibility on windows apps out of the window and forge a new path! Sure it will be a lot of work, but I think Microsoft is in a unique position because they have so much money and the talent to actually pull it off. I dunno maybe I am smoking something thats not illegal to come up with this lol. I know if I was Microsoft I would do something merging Haiku and some concepts of Singularity if thats even doable and go that route. They could have Vista as their mainstream OS but make this one for power users, gamers etc etc.

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