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Mac OS X An interesting article has been making its way around the internet the past few days, titled "Top 10 Usability Highs Of Mac OS". Mac OS X indeed does some things very, very right, just like many other operating systems and graphical environments do some things very, very right. The issue with the list of the article in question is that many of the items on the list are not exactly examples of "Usability Highs" at all.
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RE: 6. Fitts' Law -- rant alert
by mounty on Thu 14th Aug 2008 02:56 UTC in reply to "6. Fittsâ Law"
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Surely the main point is that we are unable to configure the interface to work as we prefer. I use a Mac but add ShapeShifter just to get rid of the pig-ugly title bars and bright white everywhere. Where possible on any machine I use, I set up point-to-focus instead of click-to-focus. i prefer it; you may not. And as for the menu bar being at the top of the screen---how can it be good useability to split an application's interface into two parts ? If a menu bar, why not an action-buttons area ? or a documents list ?

Frankly I rue the day I bought this G5. I wish I could move to another OS but Apple keep all the hardware secrets so that the only competition is Yellow Dog, which in my experience is unuseable (I use Gentoo on PCs quite happily). I feel shafted by Apple and will never buy anything from them again. It just takes the p*** to hear people praising MacOS as a refined and polished OS.

Oh, and one more task for this weekend ... install 10.5 AGAIN because the current installation is broken ... and no, it's not ShapeShifter, because I didn't even get round to putting that on before it went wrong. Post to an Apple support forum ? Sure, and watch the question being zapped by a moderator keen to reinforce the perception that all is well and lovely in the garden of Apple.

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although not a mac user, i was searching for this the other day [as i dislike the top menu] and found this:

OCSmart Hacks

- the main menu can be popped up anyplace, anytime
- tear-off menus
- resizing a window by any edge
- moving a window by any point inside its frame (not just by its title)

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Thanks for the hacks tip, but I am reluctant to try it, simply because Apple seems to have a policy of keeping some secrets which subtly break hacks like this. In fact, I won't be installing ShapeShifter again, just because I can't be sure that it wasn't responsible for bitrot in my 10.4 installation.

So my planned re-installation of 10.5 will be absolutely clean and by the book. If it breaks again, then it'll be time for Debian or Gentoo.

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Doesn't Debian install on almost any hardware these days or is it so proprietary that only Yellow Dog has spent the time getting the details working?

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In my experience, Yellow Dog (Terrasoft) hasn't got all the details working.

1. Snowstorm on the graphics (windows still visible, but it looks like a noisy electric motor is operating nearby --- this is on LCD).

2. Boot menu doesn't allow booting of MacOS --- you can select it but nothing happens.

Those in my experience.

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