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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Me and Bobby Powers have spent a few hours smoothing out the process of getting fully-featured Linux desktops to boot on the XO laptop. On the whole, OLPC developers have been pretty good at getting code upstream, so only a few fixups are needed to get things operational on the XO." On a slightly (stretching it here) related note, here is a detailed guide on installing and optimising Ubuntu on the Acer Aspire One that we reviewed last week. I replaced the default Linpus installation with Ubuntu using this guide, and I must say that I am quite pleased.
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Only for us geeks and not with all Linux based distributions.

We take pride in fitting an OS into a box it was never meant to run on. We tickle to tell an Ubuntu user how we just recompiled the kernel in our Gentoo or Slack build. For me personally, it's what different OS I have under VM and level of security I impose on them (security for security sake teaches me so I can apply the apropriate lower level of security practices for my clients).

Don't let that fool you though. There are some very good "just works" distributions that will never require an average user to look under the hood. In the 5% of cases remaining where cli is required, well, it's like breaks and steering in your car; go see your local gear head.

In my case, discussions with average users are more gear towards "it took X minutes to install with Y number of steps". It's about how easy it is, now how long I can take with some obscure whim on my own systems.

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