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Features, Office Everyone knows that Microsoft Exchange is expensive - but ubiquitous " and plenty of open source projects and vendors have been trying a variety of technical approaches to replace it. While none is yet a drop-in replacement, a PC World article looks at ways that some administrators can get a cost advantage by switching.
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by helge5 on Thu 28th Aug 2008 18:44 UTC
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Obviously Open Source can replace Exchange as an email server quite easily. First SMTP, POP3 and then IMAP4 have made it possible.

To viably replace the contact, to do and meeting functionality, we need standards for those. And since 2007 we have them: CalDAV, GroupDAV and soon CardDAV. And its growing, quickly. Thanks to Apple's the majority of alternative server vendors (whether Zimbra, Google, ScalableOGo ...) are adding CalDAV support, given the user a broad choice.

With the growing server support, we get growing client support. got everything running, Mozilla Lightning is in the works, and CalDAV connectors for Outlook are also nearing completion.

A bit of luck, and we finally get a really open environment, not an Exchange alternative which locks in the user at almost the same degree.

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