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Mozilla & Gecko clones Firefox 3.0, released not too long ago, was generally well-received. It added a load of new features, while also providing much-needed speed improvements and better memory management. Some new features, however, have met more resistance - one of them is the rather complicated user interface thrown at users when they reach a website with an invalid or expired SSL certificate.
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When Usability "Experts" Strike
by TheBadger on Fri 29th Aug 2008 19:48 UTC
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As usual, I suspect that the "experts" have been asked to weigh in on the interface, resulting in the ridiculous and confusing cascade of messages and buttons with stupid labels. "Get me out of here!" - what is that supposed to mean? Ignore the error, close the tab/window, forget about ever visiting that site, what? At least, once you've got the pop-up window, it takes you through the process in a half-reasonable way.

And if CAcert isn't supported in some way - I haven't really checked - then the Mozilla people really have been caught napping.

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